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Jánska dolinaNiederung Jánska dolinaJanska Dolina (Jánska dolina)

Jánska dolina

Janska dolina is located on the north side of Low Tatras mountains. It begins in the village Liptovsky Jan. Among all this is a good starting point for further trips to the beauties of the West Tatra mountains. More than 150 underground spaces had been created in the dell. Owning to that this is a excellent place for potholers A small river Stiavnica crosses the dell which made a lot of wonderfull karsts hollows. During winter the local skiing centre are suitable for cross-country-skiers for its quality skiing paths. During summer near-by Dumbier and the ridges of the Low Tatras mountains are often visited.

  Accommodation Liptovský Ján
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